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ChildWorks Therapy Center
32 Gibraltar Drive
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Phone: (862) 219-5678   Fax: (862) 219-5399
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Sessions available Monday-Saturday
Welcome to ChildWorks Therapy Center! ChildWorks is a unique
facility in that we cater to children, their families and our community!
  • The therapists at ChildWorks are some most talented professionals
    in their field!
  • The therapists at ChildWorks take care of the patients and their
    families. They are available to speak with the parent at times
    other than their child's scheduled time.
  • If parents call with a question or need help on a weekend, they
    will often receive a call back on a Saturday night or Sunday!
    When it comes to your child, you need answers NOW. We do our
    best to get you what you need, when you need it.
  • ChildWorks provides FREE Screenings and FREE training for
    parents and professionals on an ongoing basis!
  • ChildWorks has a full time billing manager on site to help with all
    your insurance billing needs.
  • ChildWorks will collaborate with your child's teacher and school
    therapists so we can work together to meet the needs of your

ChildWorks offers a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. Speech
therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and
nutritionists work together to meet the needs of the individual child.
ChildWorks is unique in that we offer many different services in one
Center. Parents will enjoy the convenience of traveling to only one
location to have all  their child’s needs met.  A child who has more
than one therapy may receive them consecutively. In addition, co-
treat sessions, social skills groups and handwriting groups are
available, as well

ChildWorks Therapy Center was founded by Neala and Jeff Schuster
in 2006. Neala is a Speech Language Pathologist who has worked in
a school based setting, Early Intervention and private practice for
over 18 years. She has published five popular children’s games which
have been selling in stores, catalogues and on the Internet for over
11 years. Jeff is a former  Stock Option Specialist with over fourteen
years experience on Wall Street.

ChildWorks believes that the parents are the team leaders and we
are members of that child’s team. We recognize that there are many
professionals a child sees throughout their week. Teachers, home and
school based therapists, doctors and various other disciplines work
with the child each week. Parents are the team leader coordinating
their child’s services and overseeing their progress.  We firmly believe
that communication between each member of the team is a vital
part of that child’s progress. ChildWorks encourages parent
participation in various ways including observations and dialogue.  
Parents are informed at the conclusion of each session of the goals
their child worked on, the progress they made and suggested
activities for carry over to the home. This is information and shared
verbally and in writing.
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